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Here is a small guide for an initial setup.

It is perfect for the OK Archery DST and ABSOLUTE, works with other brands too.

First: set the rest as low as you can! Look for enough clearance for the vanes. For the DST-bows the tipps of the launcher blade are 8,5mm above the lowest point of the shelf. We know, that is not usual, but so we are as near as possible to the crossing of the cables. Shooting an ABSOLUTE you can install the nock exactly between the two axles - if your rest is compatible with this setup. That is the sweet-spot of the bow where we have the best balance of power-input from upper and lower cam/limbs. Perfect cam-timing is a must.

Second: The nocking-point height! Fix a knot serving material at the string lightly. Nock your arrow on and take a geometric triangle. One side close to the string. The other should touch the shaft only at the end! Near the nock you should look through a 0.5 mm/0.2" line open between shaft and triangle. Move the serving so that the arrow is held at this position and tie in the upper nockpoint. Now put a nock on the string and tie in the bottom nockpoint, so that you can move the nock lightly ( 0,5mm/0.02" is the outer limit).

Third: Install your peepsight and tie in the D-Loop. If you are right handed archer, the upper loop-knot should leave to the left side. So you have less torque on the string while twisting the release at your anchorposition - some archers angle the release in their face, how do you?

Fourth: Set up the center with a laser tool or by eye-checking first. Prove it with shooting 2 Meter/3 Yards vs. 45 Meter/50 Yards or French Tuning.