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X-ENERGY 36 Features

The X-ENERGY is the new compound bow from OK Archery for 2019. Featuring a new riser and grip design with the same reliable Chili-Cams and wide limbs that OK bows are known for.

The new grip features a Multi-Layered, Contoured Design (patent pending). The ergonomic curved radius offers a definite and repeatable pressure point. The hand has full contact to the bow without torque momentum. The milling is very complex, but the result is impressive - test it for yourself!

New and unique: the first Adjustable Stabilization Tuner (pat. pending). With this feature, you can micro-adjust the length of your front stabilizer up to 1 inch - from the middle position - back or forward. 
You will not find this feature on any other bow ! ( Well…. Not yet anyway ! ) 

The X-ENERGY has a longer lower limb bolt. This gives you the option to add weight to the bottom, center of the vertical axis. Providing yet another option for weight tuning.

Data X-ENERGY 36

36 '' (91,44 cm)
Brace Height7-7.5" (17,70 - 19,05 cm)
Speed (ATA)up to 321 fps (97,84 m/s)
Draw Weight 40 - 70# (22,68 - 31,75 kg)  in 5# increments
Draw Length AMO23.75" - 32.0" (depending on cam)
Draw Length REAL22.00" - 30.25" (depending on cam)
Net weight with partsfrom 4.57 lbs (2,074 kg) included string stop and quick detach
Colors'All Black' riser and cams. Additional color combinations available at extra charge.
Strings & CablesString in Black, cables in Black, 24 strands, BCY X - Standard. Colored and individual systems possible - data may differ.

1740,00 Euro - includes Double/Single String Suppression system in 'All Black'.

Add. weights and Bowjax Revelations not included in price.

Specifications subject to changes depending on customer demand.

Actual colors may differ.

OK Archery X-ENERGY 36